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Buy Gentle Monster Sunglasses online

Buy Gentle Monster Sunglasses online

Gentle Monster is a sunglasses brand conceived in Korea in 2011. After five years success in Asia they have made their way into the American market with a boom.

Their ground-breaking design and avant-garde spirit is their distinguishing feature. The designers are constantly experimenting with materials and shapes to create the most state-of-the-art designs on the market.

Gentle Monster’s Story

Gentle Monster was conceived in 2011 when a group of Korean designers got together in Seul to come up with a completely revolutionary sunglasses brand like no other and become a reference in the eyewear world.

Therefore, this Korean brand became very popular in their home country especially when the Korean pop singers started wearing them. Their amazing success spread all over Asia and are currently available in more than twenty countries around the world. Right now, the biggest market is the American.  

You may not have heard about this brand of sunglasses but you will soon see them everywhere and their hypnotic designs will have you reeling much like all the top celebrities in Hollywood.

Gentle Monster Sunglasses: Incomparable design  

As we have already stated, their sunglasses are renowned for their contemporary designs that emerges from a new design concept “Innovative Experimenting” which means exploration and experimentation from beginning to end both in design and materials.  

Although the designs are mainly conceived with two materials: acetate and metal, new incorporations are being made such as titanium. The Big Bully model is a clear example of these new experimentations: round shapes with a double-bridge and colourful options designed with titanium.

Nevertheless, the brand also has plastic frames like the the Dreamer or the Didi models.

As you have observed, there is a large selection of Gentle Monster sunglasses, quite different. Therefore, you will surely find the design that best suits your style as long as you enjoy contemporary, state-of-the-art sunglasses that will have all heads turning. 

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