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Cartier Prescription Glasses

Women In Stock 

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Cartier CANAZEI Bordeaux

Cartier - CANAZEI EYE00073


Shipping 24/48h

Cartier PICADILLY Platinium

Cartier - PICADILLY T8100748


Shipping 24/48h

Cartier MARIE Black Smooth Palladium Finish

Cartier - MARIE T8101204


Shipping 24/48h

Cartier CHARLOTTE Bordeaux

Cartier - CHARLOTTE EYE00027


Shipping 24/48h

Cartier CHARLOTTE Black

Cartier - CHARLOTTE T8101209


Shipping 24/48h

Cartier ALICE Light Havana Smooth golden and Palladium

Cartier - ALICE T8101052


Buy Cartier Prescription Glasses online

Buy Cartier Prescription Glasses online

Although Cartier is not especially known for their prescription glasses collection, these are without a doubt a class act. Cartier started off as a jewellery and watch store in the heart of Paris. Since the beginning, Cartier manage to imbue in each and every one of its designs a glamour and exclusivity not many can achieve. In 1856 Cartier became famous when the very niece of Napoleon, Princess Mathilda came knocking on his door and soon afterwards Empress Eugenie. This event put Cartier on the spot as one of the most exclusive jewellery brands in the country.

Quality is a value Cartier has kept at the heart of its philosophy and this is why GranOptic has included this brand in its catalogue; such an exclusive and prestigious brand could not be missed.

Cartier’s Story

Cartier was founded in 1847 when Louis-François Cartier inaugurated his first jewellery boutique in Paris. But it wasn’t until 1856 when he gained real success when even the Russian Zar was conquered by his amazing designs.

When Cartier’s son took over Cartier, the brand took a completely new turn and became a collector’s item; exclusivity only Cartier knows.

In 1979 Cartier experienced a terrible crisis and was even divided. Despite this fact, the brand regrouped and designed a new collection. This is when the first Cartier eyewear appeared. Both sunglasses and prescription glasses were released in this collection.

Cartier Prescription Glasses

Cartier’s prescription glasses are designed for both men and women. Within this collection there are also the “precious glasses”

Cartier’s men’s collection features timeless and original models all of which have different finishes such as golden, platinum or ruthenium. Whatever your style, there is a prescription model for you

Cartier’s women’s collection also features timeless and original models. There are also three different finishes: golden, palladium or a combination of both. This opens up your options immensely and offers you the best combinations. You will surely find exactly what you are looking for.

In an effort to create an even more exclusive eyewear model, Cartier designed the precious collection. This is without a doubt the brand’s most exclusive collection and offer both women and men the best quality and that special je ne sais quoi only a French fashion house could produce. But with such a name there is still one element to be mentioned the precious stones: rose and white golden frames with diamonds, sapphires and rubies… without forgetting the most important factor which is safety and comfortability.

There is nothing as exclusive as Cartier prescription glasses and you have a wide range of models to choose from. With these prescription glasses you will boast an exclusive and amazing quality no one could surpass.

There is no wonder why we at GranOptic have chosen to include Cartier prescription glasses in our catalogue. Our purpose is to offer you the best quality prescription glasses and Cartier represents all our own values. Go ahead and choose your favourite model. 

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