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Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policy

Website Information

Areica Opticos S.L. is a Spanish Company, registered in the “Registro mercantil de Madrid with date 24th of Septiembre, 2008. Tomo 26.020 Folio 52 sección 8, Hoja M-469038”
CIF. ESB-85515153
Adress: C/ Aguacate 41 B3 Bajo 2 , 28041 Madrid

General Conditions

The next conditions will be applicable to all processed orders through our website at

When you formalize an order you confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions and therefore you state that:

  • You understand and comprehend the conditions hereby exposed.
  • You are an adult, over 18 years old.

All the goods and it’s referred data are not binding, and do not compromise anyone.

All published prices include taxes.

The seller reserves his rights to modify not only the Price, but the promotions in force at the moment.

The seller reserves the right to have errors of any kind, although he will try to avoid them as far as he can. These problems might be color errors, lack of service from the Manufacturer, printing errors in prices, errors in shipping times, that may occur in isolation.

The seller reserves the right to cancel an order in spite of it being registered and confirmed if it concurs in any kind of serious mistake, of price or other given nature.

When confirming an order, the buyer states or manifests his will to acquire the goods.

Website Use

Access to our website is free of charge.


To order you must be registered, and for that you are obliged to fill in certain required fields.

You will be responsible to maintain not only your password but all the Access information in secret.

Your password is confidential and you should not share it with third persons to avoid them trying to order in your name.

If you don’t remember your login information we can re-send them to you. Areica Ópticos will not be responsible for any damage caused by misuse or loss of the password.

Returning the Product

You have 15 days to return your purchased product.

If after receiving your products, you decide that you do not want them and request its return for the refund of the money, you could do it in the following way.

You can contact us via email at to notify us. We also make available the return form to be downloaded from your "client area" to be filled out and later included with the product when you resend it back to us. The returns form includes the sending address. 

Once we have received the packet and certified that the product is:

  • In Perfect condition.
  • It doesn’t show signs that it has been used accordingly or not.
  • In terms of contact lenses, boxes haven’t been opened or manipulated.

Then we will send your money back with the full amount.

On the contrary, we reserve our right to send a partial amount or we will return the product.

The costs of the return are borne by the client.

Right of withdrawal

You have 15 days to exercise the right of revocation of the order. Please contact GranOptic via Chat or send an E-mail at 

Legal Warranty Product

Sunglasses and prescription glasses have a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer against defects in manufacturing.
Scratches on the glass, breakage or mishandling is not covered by the warranty.
The customer must send the product to our central warehouse (Calle Aguacate, 41 Portal B3 Bajo 2 C.P. 28054 Madrid. Spain) and GranOptic will act as an intermediary with the manufacturer, which is responsible for changing defective parts. This process may take an average of 15-20 working days.
In the event of a defective product, consumer and user shall inform GranOptic of the defect within a maximum of 48h. from the moment of receipt of the order.



Bank Tranfers
Credit Cards (except American Express). 
Sofort Banking
Amazon Pay

SHIPPING & COSTS: read the following link - Ship

EXCHANGES & RETURNS: read the following link - Returns


Promotions can’t be combined.

No promotion is combinable with any other, for the purpose of the website Flash Sales have the biggest discount, and these shall not apply any other promotion.

The store will apply the current promotions, if any, and finally if you enter a coupon code, this would prevail over general promotions sales except for Flash Sales, albeit less value.

Legal and Jurisdiction

Any dispute or conflict that may arise from the use of the website ( shall be resolved in accordance with the current legislation in Spain, submitting to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid, with the user expressly & explicitly waiving to any other jurisdiction law that might correspond.


European Union “Online Disputes Resolutions” website

Information in reference to the “ODR” website managed by the European Union dedicated in assisting online consumers & sellers settle possible disputes. You can access the website by the following link “ODR



Areica Optics S.L (here onward GRANOPTIC) puts at the disposition of the user this website (here onward “”), via Internet, with the same guarantees & functionalities as the traditional point of sales.

Once you receive confirmation of your order, emitted online through our centralized system, you will know with certainty your purchase has been realized, with full guarantee from GRANOPTIC.

GRANOPTIC is custodian & processes in a secure manner, end to end, all the personal information of the user, bank & credit card details, and transactions payments ensuring all aspects & integrity, confidentiality & availability.

Some detailed aspects:

All information in transit from the user's equipment to the technical Internet installations of GRANOPTIC are done by encryption, following the SSL encryption protocol – activates the green “lock - which is activated in favour of GRANOPTIC by GeoTrust DV SSL CA –G4

El payment system for debit & credit card incorporates “Safe Payment via Internet”

The Web application has been designed to avoid leaving traces of any information transmitted in your computer, thus allowing you to access the service from any place, initially, without risk. However, your computer could be set to save visited pages, keep a historical & passwords etc. Unless you are an expert, we recommend you use computers that you have total confidence.

The keeper of all the information is GRANOPTIC at our installations where it is registered & processed by high quality information systems so to keep the service always available for you.

Customer Service, from the Customer Service Dept., is operated by GRANOPTIC persons following strict protocols of control & automation, assuring all information is preserved & stored in the correct environment & place.

However, referring to the before, GRANOPTIC reminds all Internet users that the Internet is not an entirely safe channel & is open to the unexpected & unforeseen.

GRANOPTIC cannot halt the possibility that the user could suffer some type of incident in their use of the Internet, GRANOPTIC does ensure taking the maximum precautions with operations & systems to attempt to avoid any incidents.

However, GRANOPTIC can do anything to preserve the confidentiality of the personal information of a determinate user or elements of determinate user, if said user does not look after or take sufficient measure to protect user name &/or password. Given the existence of risk with the Internet, GRANOPTIC recommends all users take adequate measures to self-protect themselves, especially in the technical & behavioural aspects, in face of the risk of identity stealing or communications violations. Some examples:

Your equipment & the measures necessary, it is recommended you use the very latest versions of all software along with any other measures of added security, to protect confidentiality & integrity of your personal information, & that you revise your settings, to avoid possible facilitation of personal data, passwords or emails in web servers you have access too or solicit your access.

With respect to use, we argue you access GRANOPTIC website writing the web address personally not using hyperlinks or doubtful favourite’s tags, to avoid frauds, while never facilitating through email or telephone your personal access codes. Make sure you use the correct telephone number of the Customer Services Department.


General Information

The present Legal Notice has been elaborated according to the State of Spain Legal instructions of the “Ley Organica 15/1999”, of the 13th of December, related to the Protection of Personal Information within the “Law 34/2002 of the 11th of July, Information Services & Electronic Commerce (LSSI)

The present Legal Notice regulates the use & utilization of this website, of which you accede via the Internet direction (here onward “”), which Areica Opticos S.L with business address C/ Goya 18 – Madrid 28001, España y C.I.F. number ESB-85515153, puts at the disposition of the users the website.

The cited web page has been designed to serve all the needed information, activities y services offered for

The utilization of the website holds the same for the user (from here, the User) & implies the acceptance of all the conditions included within the Legal Notice, having the User read previously the present Legal Notice on each occasion that the website is used, seeing that the General Conditions of Use can be modified from time to time.

Access to the website is of personal choice & free, except with related costs of connexions via the telecommunications networks provided by your Telecommunications operator which the Users have contracted. The utilization of certain services offered to the Users through the website may have some particular conditions (here onwards “Particular Conditions”) that depending on the case, substitutes, completes &/or modifies the present Legal Notice. Therefore, before utilizing said services, the User almost must read with attention the “Particular Condtions”.

In any case it is mentioned that the services that serves has the charge indicated with the commercial price.

The duration of the present agreement is of limited character & subject to the utilization of the website, consequence of the contract finalized the moment in which the Users disconnects the website.

Accessibility Policy

With the construction of the Website a series of measures have been adopted with the objective of bettering accessibility. This conveys a series of advantages like:

  • Facilitate the access to all users independent of physical conditions or environment,
  • Include clear structured content,
  • Better the navigation & user experience,
  • Other measures adopted are:
    • Use of CSS for information presentation,
    • Text for images,
    • Links offer detail of function or landing page,
    • Periodically updates will be done to the Website to maintain quality levels & abide to legal standards.
    • All the priority requisites have been tested & analysed manually for accessibility through different semi-automatic instruments, human users & technicians.
    • Recommended configuration for web navigation.
  • For a better experience in the use of this channel (website), we recommend the user to utilize the following technical methods & applications:
    • Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 9.0.0 or higher, latest Chrome.
    • Screen resolution recommended 1.024x768
    • For some content, it will be necessary Adobe Flash plugin
    • To read some of the documents it will be necessary to install Adobe Reader plugin
    • Should have the options for Java & Javascript on your navigator
    • Should have enabled cookies on your navigator
    • There are no restriction requisites for our computer or operating system


Any complaints, consultations or feedback to better the accessibility & use of this website can be forwarded via the following email facilitated for such purpose.

Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy & personal data protection

In compliance with the Spanish Law “Ley Organica 15/1999, of the 13th of December, of Personal Data Protection” (here onward LOPD) & the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21st of December, which approves the LOPD regalement (RDLOPD), Areica Opticos S.L (here onwards GRANOPTIC) with business address C/ Goya 18 – 28001 Madrid (Spain) with C.I.F Nº ESB-85515153, wants to make public to the voluntary user of the website its policy in reference to the handling of & protection of Personal Information & Data of those which voluntarily communicate with GRANOPTIC through the digital channels mentioned, filling out forms the include personal information collection or use of other services present in cited website that implies personal information collection & sharing: e.g. registration or purchasing of GRANOPTIC products by a registered users of

GRANOPTIC assures in keep all the personal details of the users under strict privacy throughout all the services offered in the website, including payment & all economic transactions realized subject to the established LOPD laws.

GRANOPTIC informs the user of the website that the privacy policy is valid for all aspects related to personal data handling that GRANOPTIC manages, as responsible for the website. If the user, after reading the present document, continues to navigate & uses the web services, they would have manifested their explicit acceptance of the privacy policy & the use of their personal data. In case of the contrary the user should abandon the website. Therefore, the user is informed that the cited conditions are also applicable for the subsections, with special conditions & without limit such as registry form &/o contract, making the present policies as complementary to the first stated & in the areas which may seem contradictory.

The user is informed that the treatment & use of their personal data is ruled under the application of the Spanish legislation in the area of protection of personal information, established under the LOPD, the RDLOPD & its complementary & evaluative sub-sections.

It is thus understood that all personal data without limitations of all people, physical persons or not identifiable i.e. including email &/or IP address in case of unequivocal identification of the interested, & by user, meaning any physical person identified or identifiable that transmits their personal data to GRANOPTIC through the communications channels with GRANOPTIC such as SMS, email, telephone, forms of data collection or registry &/or in any case, use of whatever service present on the website that implies and is used for communications and transfer of personal data to GRANOPTIC &/or with any other form of personal data transfer to cited entity.

2. Identification of the registration responsibility

GRANOPTIC informs the user of the website the existence of various files for personal information data collection of which their responsibility is Areica Opticos S.L, (GRANOPTIC), with business address C/Aguacate, 41 B3 Bajo 2 , 28054 Madrid, place where the personal data given & transferred to GRANOPTIC is collected & stored via the cited website & other channels used for such.

3. Finality & Use of Personal Information & Data

The user which merely accedes to the website of GRANOPTIC is not obliged to share personal information for the use of the Web, therefore, whatever sharing of personal information is voluntary, because a better navigation & user experience is desired as to undertake the action of purchase.

However, in the case that the user has an interest to accede to particular areas & services necessary previously the registration, like participate in the purchase through Internet &/or request information from GRANOPTIC, i.e. contact with GRANOPTIC, has to complete the necessary forms that asks for personal information in order to complete that requested task. This also applies with the use of other means adhered to the general conditions of use of the web services & contract given by the website.

Without altering the before mentioned, in the already mentioned cases informed to the user GRANOPTIC through the registration form &/or through the contract, special conditions, complementariness to subsidiaries, maintains the present policy above the contradictory.

4. Information & consent

When the user has no legal relation with GRANOPTIC the former should bear in mind, & is informed, that whatever personal information communicated to GRANOPTIC through whichever method is subject to the free choice of sharing & giving their consent of data use, unequivocally, being absolutely informed so that GRANOPTIC can attend to & to respond to the solicitation.

In those cases were the user requests or utilizes the services offered on the website for such effects, the information interchanged will be treated accordingly to the service used or solicited, so as to manage said information in an effective operative & commercial manner in accord to the content. This will also apply when the user requests or subscribes with their consent the sending of publicity information by GRANOPTIC, their personal data will be treated with such ends.

We inform the users of this website of the following scenarios:

  • The given personal information needs be real, exact & actual of which it is the user’s responsibility, will call account to & is obliged to keep up to date. The personal information given has to correspond to the identity of the person supplying such information.
  • The information given for the action of purchase, will be integrated into a Data Base that stores personal information which is the responsibility of GRANOPTIC with the end of coordinating & managing an effective & optimal purchase operation, including communication between parties, along with the other functions already mentioned. In all case the user being informed.
  • The information of personal data required during the process of registration & adherence to the contract has an obligatory character in order to realize purchases with GRANOPTIC.
  • The communication of personal information to receive information on various services, commercial services &/or of any other nature are totally voluntary. In any case, if the user does not want to facilitate information for such end, the user should avoid using existing forms to such effect. In all case, the information will be collected & store in a data base under the responsibility of GRANOPTIC with the end of facilitating said services & information.

In agreement with the before mentioned, if the user is not in agreeance with the treatment of their personal information by GRANOPTIC, they should withdraw from communicating or supplying their personal information to GRANOPTIC through whatever means without limit, that includes, electronic mail, registry on the website, adhesion to contract or completions of forms, effecting solely an anonymous navigation throughout the website. With this intention, the entity should avoid attempting to purchase through the website.

The personal information will be utilized for limited propositions, as mentioned beforehand, for those who may have been inappropriately informed previously concerning the gathering & collection of personal information. In the whole of the services & content being offered throughout the website GRANOPTIC can request at any moment personal information to the user of the website through forms or other means. In such cases, GRANOPTIC will include informative communication with the form of information gathering, indicating all the conditions & treatment of personal information in accordance with Spanish Law article 5 of the LOPD, such as the obligatory nature of the replies to the requests exposed, as the consequence of obtaining data on the negative response of not supplying, the ends & purpose of data collection, the possible handing over of data to thirds that occurs, in which case, solicitation of consent will be requested for the management to such ends.

5. Electronic communications

GRANOPTIC can send to the user two types of communications: those necessary for service completion in relation to their purchase, & those of a commercial-publicity nature in relation to products & services commercialized by GRANOPTIC, like additional services. The communications about services will be sent to the users that purchase through the website or of other communications nature, including commercial information to only those who have expressed explicitly their desire to receive such information through the registry process or at some other point or moment to GRANOPTIC.

The acceptance of receiving commercial-publicity information is totally voluntary & in no way obligatory to purchase products. The communications concerning services on the other hand are obligatory. All the communications concerning services with the user in relation with their purchase will be done via electronic mail or mobile message, except in exceptional cases where the communications channel could be another; in such cases the personal identity of the receptor would be checked previous the sending.

The registered user of the website can request to be withdrawn or eliminated free of any charge & at any moment from the list of users wanting to receive communication of information not related with purchase, like publicity or of commercial character, through their personal account within the website (Client Area), by sending an email to with item “eliminate from publicity data base list” or by using the other information channels available to exercise the choice.


GRANOPTIC makes clear to the user that the entity is only responsible & guarantees confidentiality, security & data management in accordance with the present policy, in respect with data of personal information character that are gathered from the user through the website, not having any responsibility whatsoever with the use & management of said information afterwards by third parties which gathered through the operational use of services who may have had access to data: banks, transport companies, Internet & telecommunications companies etc. That is by thirds, all persons or entities physical or legally that offer the following services: (i) transmission of data via communication network facilitated users (ii) services that provide access to said network (iii) services of hosting of data (iv) content & information providers. With this GRANOPTIC informs users that it is in charge of the management, operations & actualization of the website exercising its functions, in accord with the established in the Spanish Law article 12 of LOPD & in accordance with evolutionary clauses & character.


GRANOPTIC informs the user, that unless they have a legal representative, no user can use the identity of another person & share/transfer their personal information. Therefore the user must always bear in mind that if they share/transfer personal information through the GRANOPTIC web or channels, they only must use data which corresponds exclusively & only to their identity, being adequate, pertinent, actual, exact & truthful.
With this, the user will be the only responsible in case of damages, directly &/or indirectly that causes to a third or to GRANOPTIC from the use of personal information from another person, or that their own personal information are false, erroneous, no actual, inadequate or impertinent.
Also, the user that uses/shares/transfer personal information of a third person, will respond in face of the latter under the law, article 5.4 of LOPD where the data has not been authorized from the person effected, &/or no having informed & notified the later of the intention.


The user is the only valid source of his/her personal data, thus GRANOPTIC asks, with the end of keeping all information up-to-date in accord with the principles of the LOPD laws, that all changes or variations, rectifications, requests of elimination or access of said personal data be communicated.


GRANOPTIC informs the user the possibility of exercising their rights of access, rectification, cancelation & opposition by requesting through the following channels:

  • Customer Service Department
  • Post, at C/Aguacate, 41 B3 Bajo 2 – Madrid 28054, Spain
  • Email ,

The right of exercise is personal thus will have to supply accreditation of their identity, through a legal representative if need be, or voluntary representative specifically designated by the interested for such purpose.

In the case of representation it must be shown the identity of the representative, via a legal document like National ID Card or equivalent, & a written authority by the interested – the person that is being represented.

In all case, the request sent to GRANOPTIC will need to indicate clearly the petition & the right that is desired to be exercised.

6. Exercise the rights of opposition or withdrawal of permission when applied to other services &/or publicity through electronic means.

The coverage of the article 21.2 & 22.1 of the Spanish Law LSSICE protects the user & gives the user the right to oppose the use of his personal information for publicity ends or additional services, as with the right to totally revoke at any moment the initial personal data collection agreement by voluntarily notifying GRANOPTIC. For this purpose, the user can express their opposition by electronic mail at the following email:, with subject “LSSICE Opposition”, as requesting revoking initial acceptance of personal data use of receiving publicity through emailing by requesting/submitting revocation through the same email with “Elimination” as subject.

7. Security measure adopted in relation to personal information treatment

GRANOPTIC informs user that, in accordance with the law LOPD & RDLOPD, specific measures have been taken on & adopted – technical & organizational – to guarantee the security of personal information data, so as to attempt to prevent attempts at altering data, loss of data or unauthorized access & handling, taking in consideration the state of the technology, the nature of the data stored & the risks associated, be that from human action or by nature (natural), & only accepting data of personal character in files that adhere to the conditions determined in the cited Laws with respect to security & integrity of the data centres, working areas, equipment’s, systems & software programmes. GRANOPTIC guarantees the user it abides by the professional confidentially imperative in reference to personal information & our obligation to safeguard.


Occasionally, GRANOPTIC updates the privacy & data management policy of the website. Any changes to the current policy will be published & advised on the GRANOPTIC website, apart within the general conditions of use. The user is informed that the personal information supplied & authorized are subject to the conditions published at the moment passed on & given consent to GRANOPTIC, without prejudice to the preferential application of legal texts for the specific occasion, like informative texts inserted in forms used for gathering personal information &/or the conditions for services.

In all case, it will be the user’s responsibility to access periodically the privacy policy section of GRANOPTIC with the end of reading & knowing about the latest updates & version. GRANOPTIC reminds the user that, if after reading the present document, the users continues utilizing the website services & communicates (shares) their personal information with GRANOPTIC, the user will manifest their expressed acceptance & approval of the privacy policy & treatment of their personal data. On the contrary, the user should abstain from utilizing the services & the contents of the website, & navigate the site in anonymous mode.


GRANOPTIC would gladly receive any comments that the user would like to share in relation to the privacy & personal information protection policy. To do so, the user can get in contact with GRANOPTIC through the channels put on disposal & given, like contact form etc.

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