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Biomedics Contact lenses

Cooper Vision - Biomedics 1 Day Extra (90)


Cooper Vision - Biomedics 1-Day Extra


Cooper Vision - Biomedics 1-Day Extra Toric


Buy Biomedics contact lenses

Buy Biomedics contact lenses

CooperVision, a leader in the contact lens industry has done a facelift to its family of contact lenses of conventional hydrogel, which has been so successful over the years, the brand of lenses Frequency, Biomedics family by. They retain all the quality and parameters that previously had only changed their name.

The family of lenses Biomedics lenses has conventional hydrogel soft contact with a long history in the market, which speaks of the efficiency obtained over time in all users that have been using over the years and the success they have achieved.

Are ideal for patients who do not require the use of the lens throughout the day. Have a great passage of oxygen, so they provide good oxygenation to the cornea.


Within the family we daily disposable lenses Biomedics:

· Extra Biomedics 1 Day spherical

· Extra Biomedics 1 Day Toric
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