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Biofinity Contact lenses

Cooper Vision - Biofinity (6)


Cooper Vision - Biofinity Multifocal (6)


Cooper Vision - Biofinity Toric (6)


Buy Biofinity contact lenses

Buy Biofinity contact lenses

The leader in contact lenses Coopervision Biofinity family has one of the best lenses in the market. Biofinity lenses are lenses silicone hydrogel monthly replacement looking to get the most comfort for discerning patients.

Biofinity contact lenses are designed with technology Aquaform Comfort Science, achieving a higher throughput of oxygen in conventional hydrogel lenses, a lens with a hydrophilicity to capture water inside preventing dryness lens and lens with a very comfortable surface for the cornea. Thus we have a very comfortable contact lens, very naturally moisturized and good oxygenation, which allows use always comfortable and whiter eyes even at the end of the day.

Biofinity Toric contact lenses allows excellent vision for patients with astigmatism.

And patients with farsightedness or presbyopia are contact lenses Biofinity Multifocal, asymmetric geometry which gives a good visual acuity at all distances.

So these families have available

· Monthly Biofinity

· Biofinity Toric

· Biofinity Multifocal
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