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8 Tips before you buy a pair of sunglasses

  1. For the whole year

    Although the sun bothers more in summer, it is advisable to wear sunglasses all year long.

  2. Diverse places, different sunglasses

    In the same way that you do not wear the same shoes to go to the beach than for hiking, you shouldn´t always use the same glasses.

  3. Good lenses

    Do not save too much with your sunglasses. Take specially into consideration, that it has a high optical absorption (over 80%).

  4. The right size

    To look good with sunglasses, pay attention to the right size for your face. If your head is rather small, big size glasses don´t become to you and vice versa. Brands like Ray Ban offer different sizes in their models.

  5. Find your model

    To make sure your sunglasses have the right lenses, always buy your glasses in the optical or in their official point of sale.

  6. Classics that never go out of fashion

    Brands like Ray Ban or Polaroid always sell their classical models. The vintage style is always in fashion.

  7. Liability

    Increase the life of your glasses and protect them from deterioration, saving them in its case.

  8. Two glasses are better than one

    It is not an isolated case, the fact of losing the glasses. Maybe you feel like waering a different pair of glasses.

Sunglasses also for children

Anyone with children, should know that their eyes are more sensitive than those of an adults. The child lens is almost transparent and their eyes quickly absorb dangerous ultraviolet rays.

Do not buy toy sunglasses. They do not protect from UV rays and are therefore useless. Be careful that the sunglasses comply with the rules of the EU and that there´s a tag filter on it.

8 Tips before you buy a pair of sunglasses
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