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Buy Burberry Prescription Glasses online

Buy Burberry Prescription Glasses online

Burberry prescription glasses are pure British class and luxury which is reflected in the brand’s logo, an image of a British rider on a steed.  These prescription glasses award the wearer an extraordinary elegance and style, making them stand out from the crowds and showing off their distinct and sharp style.

Burberry’s prescription glasses catalogue features a plethora of styles and shapes for everyone. Nevertheless, all these models share a common element: a passion for exquisite and exclusive designs. Burberry’s 150 years of fashion heritage together with a strife for technology results in an avant-garde but rather vintage collection.  Elegance and innovation go hand-in-hand in Burberry’s catalogue. Classic British cuts converge with the latest trends both for women’s eyewear and men’s.

Burberry’s Story

Thomas Burberry founded the brand in 1856 and textile was his main focus. The fashion house soon became famous for its original trench coats and its distinct plaid pattern which have become the brand’s most recognisable feature.

The turn of the century was a pivotal moment for Burberry as its famous plaid pattern and trench coats became a world-wide success and the brand’s flagship element. Kate Moss also became the brand’s image which helped reach a wider clientele. Ultimately, Burberry became more accessible and popular.  

The brand has slowly evolved from a classical and traditional style to a modern and edgier style without every losing that special British elegance it is renowned for.

Burberry flagship models

The English has a large catalogue of frames for prescription glasses. Quality and style are central features to these frames and help them achieve that eternal class their eye wear is distinct for. This is because they manufacturer all their frames with the best materials which undergo a thorough quality control. Therefore, the prescription frames are of the utmost perfection with soft lines and traditional cuts.

The BE 2161 is a clear example of the brands elegance with a hint of modernity which has become a very popular model among celebrities. Burberry has always sought to include modern hints and tinges to their classical and traditional cuts which result in unique shapes, lightweight designs, and, ultimately, exquisiteness.

Another flagship model is the BE 2094 which features a more classical and traditional style. These frames revive the most popular looks with its traditional Scottish plaid included in the temples. Elegant, sophisticated and classical for those who love Burberry’s benchmark features.

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