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Contact Lenses Online

Cooper Vision - Biofinity (6)


Cooper Vision - Biofinity Multifocal (6)


Cooper Vision - Biofinity Toric (6)


Cooper Vision - Biomedics 1 Day Extra (90)


Cooper Vision - Biomedics 1-Day Extra


Cooper Vision - Biomedics 1-Day Extra Toric


Quantum Vision - Crazy Lenses


Quantum Vision - Crazy Lenses One Day


Alcon - Dailies Total 1 (90)


Cooper Vision - Frequency Xcel Toric (3)


Cooper Vision - Frequency Xcel Toric XR (3)


Alcon - FreshLook Colorblends


Cooper Vision - My.Vision


Cooper Vision - My.Vision Max


Cooper Vision - Proclear (3)


Cooper Vision - Proclear (6)


Cooper Vision - Proclear 1 Day


Cooper Vision - Proclear 1 Day (90)


Cooper Vision - Proclear 1 Day Multifocal


Cooper Vision - Proclear Multifocal


Cooper Vision - Proclear Multifocal Toric


Cooper Vision - Proclear Multifocal XR


Cooper Vision - Proclear Toric


Cooper Vision - Proclear Toric XR


Bausch & Lomb - PureVision 2 for Astimatism


Bausch & Lomb - PureVision 2 HD


Bausch & Lomb - PureVision Multi-Focal


Bausch & Lomb - PureVision Toric


Bausch & Lomb - Soflens Daily Disposable


Bausch & Lomb - SofLens Daily Toric


Bausch & Lomb - SofLens Multi-Focal


Bausch & Lomb - Soflens Natural Colors


In GranOptic buy cheap contact lenses has never been so easy and convenient. We work with the best manufacturers such as Ciba contact lenses, CooperVision, Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb, have your lenses and at the best price, so you have no excuses to buy contact lenses online, totally reliable and trouble free.

The lenses compensate any vision problems as myopia and hyperopia with spherical lenses (Soflens, biomedic, air optix ...) and astigmatism with toric lenses (frequency xcel toric, air optix toric, dailies toric ...) and even presbyopia with contact lenses progressive or multifocal (progressive focus, PureVision multifocal ...). There are also colored contact lenses to change the color of your eyes.

The lenses can have multiple replacements, such as daily, you use them and strips (Dailies AquaComfort Plus), biweekly (acuvue) or monthly (Biofinity), or even permanent use for a month (Night & Day, Purevision).

The materials are made of lenses include: the conventional hydrogel, with many years in the market (Soflens 59), silicone hydrogel more oxygen to pass through it (Air Optix) or even the novel hydrogel gradient aqueous (Dailies Total One).

The cosmetic colored contact lenses or, as Colorblend or Natural Freshlook Colors, will you change the color of your eyes, whether they have graduation (neutral) and if you have myopia or hyperopia.

Buy contact lenses online is very easy. Choose the model you want, tell us the necessary parameters (diopters, base radius Rb, diameter, color) and have a large stock of lenses, in a few days you will come to your home. No difficulties or problems, so easy is to get your contact lenses. And if you have any questions, we will solve it and advise, email us at

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