Kendall Nicole Jenner is model and fashion designer, the “It Girl” is 21 years old and she has a great club of followers, her outfits are trend-setters in most fashion magazines, on the Catwalks and Social Media channels. Like many other celebrities of her age (Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Zoe Kravitz or Lilly Rose Depp) […]

3D reality

We want to devote our post to a gadget that in recent years is revolutionizing the way in which we discriminate reality from fiction: Virtual Reality glasses. This electronic device, also known as HMD (Head-mounted Display) makes the user wearing it perceive images through the retina in a bigger scale, in 3D, making him or […]

trendiest yellow sunglasses

Each season the “Pantone Institute” updates us with the upcoming colour trends that will dye our clothing and accessories. This Spring-Summer Season the predominant colours are electric blue, pink, green… Many tonalities that promise to find room in the shopping malls, fashion magazines and shop windows. Celebrities also have their own influence in terms of […]

salud visual

Have you ever had a sty? Almost everybody has at least once in their life suffered from this annoying ocular inflammation which frequently appears in the most inappropiate moment. In this post we give you information about what is it a sty, its main causes and some of the symptoms. Find also some recommendations to […]

gafas deUnisex sunglasses

Is the “Maui Jim Eyewear” brand familiar to you? If you have never heard about it before, then we will explain for you in this post a brand which is characterized by the “Aloha Philosophy” and the high quality Eyewear designs which they produce that makes Maui Jim one of the most valued brands in […]

balenciaga eyewear

Balenciaga was a discrete man, usually defined by his close friends as an audacious person and innovative spirit. If there is something Women owe him is the approach in which he stated that we should show-off ourselves to the World; with our heads held up high and proud to be the real owners of our […]

sneakers and sunglasses

Some people like to collect objects which have a special value for them and they are proud of it. Some collect historical stamps, coins, vinyl Records, key-chains, etc. Others would go for filling their wardrobe with a great variety of sneakers. If you find yourself identified with the latter, you may have asked yourself which […]


Last Sunday March the 12th began the “World Glaucoma Week” with the celebration of the “World Glaucoma Day” to kick start events. The purpose of this International event is to raise general Worldwide awareness with regard to the risks of not having regular eye tests including optic nerves revision. Did you know that by 2020 nearly […]

pink power

Every year Fashion magazines and other trend sources update us with the upcoming colours which will dominate clothing and accessories so the fashion victims can have a hint on what will be the must to wear. This upcoming Spring-Summer Season 2017 Pantone Institute has made the statement and the predominating colour for “Street Stylers” and […]